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Tampa Bay Does Free WiFi

Tampa International airport has free WIFI, laptop workstations, and an integrated domestic-international terminal that makes life easy at 5:15 AM. By the time my plane is called, I have downloaded five TED episodes, All Songs Considered, the NY Times Front Page and a few documentaries from the BBC , blogged and done my first fix of online news. I’ll be back in Guate in a couple of hours and have much to write about. Here is my scene of airport paradise (note the boiled eggs, pear, apple and a copy of the New York Times in a plastic bag):


One thought on “Tampa Bay Does Free WiFi

  1. Melissa says:

    I have to admit, our airport is a pretty good one. It is well organized, efficient and kept clean. My husband has travelled a lot internationally and he still says Tampa is #1. Of course I’m biased. Hope you had a safe return trip.

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