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Blowing Up Christmas– “It’s Bomba Time” Music Video

Fireworks are a must for Christmas in Chiquimula, Guatemala! Director: Kara Andrade. Music: “Keep It Hott (BradElectro Remix) by The Middle Agent, feat. Garth Culti-Vader & Tech N9NE. Available on Tarantic Records from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Blowing Up Christmas– “It’s Bomba Time” Music Video

  1. Rudy says:

    Oh, I like to use this video in my entry about Guatemalan fireworks… let me know if I can. Hope to see you guys soon. Feliz Navidad.


  2. bradelectro says:

    Rudy- please feel free to use our vid! Were coming home tomorrow, so let’s hook up next week. Norman- back ‘atcha! 😉

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