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Brunch in Antigua

We had our first brunch at Cafe Condesa. We’ve got some altitude sickness, but still managed to unload our car and make it into town for a day of setting up the HQ. I was a bit annoyed by the mandatory Q10 for parking anywhere in Antigua. It’s a change that makes sense when you think about the lack of parking meters in Antigua. But to charge on Sunday? Next stop is Mono Loco for some house hunting. It might be time for me to request a Craigslist network in Antigua again. I do it every three months and one day Craig will care enough about Guate as I do.

2 thoughts on “Brunch in Antigua

  1. Mark says:

    Welcome to Antigua. The parking is enforced with particular zeal on Sundays because that’s when most of the local tourists (from the capital) are here. All us locals have permanent parking stickers.

    P.S. I’ve been requesting a Guate listing on Craigslist for a year-no one ever responds.

  2. Kara Andrade says:

    Hoping to have a permanent parking sticker as soon as we deal with getting a home to hang our hats or our USB cords to be more accurate. Why don’t we do a petition for an Antigua CL and send it to Craig? Might be more effective!

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