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Crossing the border at Nogales

“I’ve spent more time in a McDonald’s drive-thru than at the Mexican border,” Brad said minutes after we crossed the Nogales border today around noon. It took about five minutes to get past the speed bumps in the bat mobile.

This experience has not been the case earlier in my life when I crossed the border through Juarez and Tijuana, so this time I decided that no matter what I would document it until someone told me to shut the cameras off. That’s exactly what I did and no one said a thing. So here’s what the Nogales border crossing can be like. I imagine if you packed your truck 20′ high with wooden crates it might be different- but for us, it was a breeze. You want fries with that?

“He pasado más tiempo en el drive-thru de McDonald’s que en la frontera con México,” dijo Brad minutos después de que cruzó la frontera de Nogales a día de hoy alrededor del mediodía. Tomó cerca de cinco minutos para pasar.

Esta experiencia no ha sido mi caso con las veces que he cruzado a través de Juárez y Tijuana, sólo que esta vez decide que era importante documentar la pasada hasta que alguien me regañara por usar mi cámara. Así que eso es exactamente lo que hice y nadie dijo nada.

Para cualquier persona interesada, esto es lo que la frontera de Nogales cruce puede ser. Imagino que si complica cuando su camión esta cargado con cajas de madera aproximadamente 20 pies de alto, puede ser diferente, pero para nosotros, fue una brisa.

One thought on “Crossing the border at Nogales

  1. Tony says:

    great that it was a breeze. we were told that they fired all the old border crossing guards ( I suspect corruption) and new ones were in place. The first day this happen a few friends of ours were bring the last of their home through the border, just a truck load, and said it was a little chaotic and were ust waved through with everyone else. Nogales border crossing area is very nice compared to others.
    Can’t wait to see you guys in San Miguel tomorrow!

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