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Digital trails

Since I spend more than 12 hours online everyday, having mobile online access is up there with food, air, water and this thing called sleep. In preparation for the trip I’ve been debating leaving the AT&T money sucker behind, switching the cellphone number to my Vonage VOIP service and just buying a SIM card in Mexico on double fare days. But there’s something ever so comforting about the seamless data continuity of emails still coming through my Blackberry, even at $.02 a kilobyte or something similarly ridiculous I cringe to know when I call AT&T on Monday.

I throw out a laundry list of questions to my ever helpful Fulbright compas everyday and they uncover something new about Guatemala I had not thought possible. For example:

“My lifesaver has been Tigo mobile internet. The USB modem costs 500q and often comes with a free month of service. Then you can pay 325Q (Quetzales) per month from there on out for unlimited service.”

A USB key that gives you internet access in Guate? Yes it’s true!

And now my head is toying with the idea of how in the world can I make this possible on the way down to Mexico, perhaps Mexico offers a similar deal and all I have to do is pay for the megabytes? I put it next to my list of purchases, including ones checked off:

Picture 3

  1. Two paternity tests (long story, more on that later)
  2. The newer Grundig Mini GM400 Super Compact AM/FM Shortwave Radio
  3. Three 3 TB drives

Our next purchase? A police scanner! Stay tuned…har har.

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