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Home sick, but tuning in to this

Check it out:

The I-World Island 24 Hours Event is Underway! and Amazing!

I-World Island opens at midnight Pacific with 24 hour concert

Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 11:54 PM by: Teeple Linden
At the top of the hour, I-World Island debuts with a full twenty-four hour showcase of musical talent.
Here‚s the lineup (PST):

12 am Mikelec Criss
1 am Jackdog Snook
2 am Cromwell  Hoobinoo
3 am Dann Numbers
4 am Allister Westland
5 am Phemie ALcott
6 am Lacoppia
7 am Spaceman Opus
8 am Erin68 Frog & satin Galli
9 am Rich desoto
10 am POL Arida
11 am Jean Munro
12 pm SHamanes
1 pm Kaklick Martin
2 pm SRV4U Conacher
3 pm Virtual Live Band
4 pm Jaycatt & Frogg Marlow
5 pm Friendly Fire
6 pm Kyle Beltram
7 pm Zed Essex
8 pm Forsythe Whitfield
9 pm Kelvinblue Oh
10 pm Tallguy Kidd
11 pm Von Johin
I-World Team are In-World Experience, they deal with Support and help to make Second Life more enjoyable for Residents. They deal with Support Tickets, Live Chat and they also give Service Updates when something goes wrong, via. the Blog. The I-World Lidens arent really as well known as some other Lindens as they are working Œbehind the scenes‚ but they include Joppa, Lotte, Kate and many more.

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