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La Chapina on CB with the Trucker Boys

We got the CB radio rolling and started talking to our trucker friends from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, all headed East on highway 10. We got some great road tips, including the best place to eat in Blythe. Casa Maria got big props and so we stopped and had some not so fresh fish tacos and a potato soup with cheese (hmm, Mexican?).

All the truckers unanimously agreed we should drive to Brownsville, Texas – drive through all of Texas, no thank you – and cross at that border. From their perspective it makes sense: free US roads, a straight shot across the desert, good rest stops and all their friends on the freeway, hell, why not. It’s tempting, but we’re headed West towards the water and then back in. We have a little time and some toll roads to help us with the extra leg of distance. I imagine those toll roads will easily cost us $200 USD. Pero lo bueno, bonito y barato no todo el tiempo es bueno y barato. Next stop: Tucson!

One thought on “La Chapina on CB with the Trucker Boys

  1. Adam says:

    Chido chido! Frijolitos negros, the proper fuel to make it down to Guate. Had coffee w Mark yesterday, see you for dinner upon arrival! tuesday-wednesday. Enjoy the road trip!

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