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New Year’s Musings

At midnight I ate 12 grapes and made 12 wishes with my mom and my husband next to me under the Arc in Antigua. Two years ago in this same street my husband and I were engaged and we made a promise to return to live if only for a brief moment in our lives. This year my mother lost her husband of 17 years and my husband lost his grandfather and I lost my dear friend Ellen to Cancer. I thought of loss and of gratitude and how the lights from all the fireworks pushed back all the darkness. I thought of beginnings and how beginnings are a state of mind, an innocence that we bring everyday to the way we live and what we experience. It was one of my wishes, to always look at life with fresh eyes and to always be humble and grateful when doing so.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo y un Happy New Year to all from Guatemala!

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