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Online Community Organizer, Spot.Us (2009)


Full-time position as an online community organizer where I managed and grew the network of individuals who used www.spot.us to support investigative journalism through small donations. Spot Us was a nonprofit that made it possible for individuals or groups to decide on news in their community by sharing the cost (crowdfunding) to commission freelance journalists. Spot.us pioneered “community funded reporting” using an open-source model inspired by Kiva.org and DonorsChoose. I created and oversaw fundraising strategies, online and offline community organizing, and some project management. During my time as a community organizer we were able to fundraise close to $20,000 for independent community-funded journalism including the “Toxic Tours” stories which won a Society for Professional Journalists award and was replicated in various cities in California. We were also able to use this model successfully in Guatemala to raise funds for a youth journalism training institute which continues today as a Vozz, a youth reporting project in various languages, including indigenous languages.



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