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Presenting BradElectro

Big shout-out to Brad for getting himself on the cover of Urbnet Magazine. Here’s little snippet:

“While he never stole his older sister’s records, young BradElectro did sneak into her room to find out what the big kid’s Top 40 radio station was. This was a difficult task— what with all the yelling, kicking and punching. Undeterred, Brad limped back to his own room and accidentally tuned in Magic 108 FM— the legendary Black frequency of St. Louis. Playing perfectly on cue, Kool and the Gang’s new hit record, “Get Down On It” bumped out of the box and time stood still. The mothership had landed and a young hyperactive boy was forever funkified for life.

Years later, fresh out of art school and living in Chicago, Brad eventually grew tired of the insular gallery scene, and wondered if he might be able to reach a wider audience through music. “If you show someone your new sculpture, half the time they don’t even know what to say,” Brad explains. “But play them a piece of music and they’ll either love it or hate it- at least they’ll be able to express an opinion.” Brad never received any sort of formal musical training but he had an extensive record collection, a souped-up PC and a brand new copy of the music sequencing software ReBirth. It was time to get down on it indeed.

BradElectro has been performing live electronic music in clubs, undergrounds, renegades and churches for more than 7 years. His current residencies include Los Deepness at the Oasis in Oakland, and Sync at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. Originally beginning with the classic MMT-8 hardware sequencer, Brad switched to the Roland MC-909 and now currently rocks Abelton Live alongside an arsenal of outboard effects and trusty Mackie mixer. Gear doesn’t make the groove but it helps, and BradElectro is definitely not just a laptop jockey. Musically, his love for vocals and melody is obvious in his songs, but like many of his Chicago heroes, the man can get tracky as well.”

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