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Reading this from Bradelectro: BART ( …

Reading this from Bradelectro:

BART (observations from a former pick pocket)
Reply to: pers-647355287@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-04-18, 1:05PM

It’s about time that something is done about ingorant people in the bay riding BART. How aware are you when you are riding BART? I know that a lot of you move here all confident thinking that your just “all together” EEEEHHHHH! WRONG!!. I am a former pick pocket that rode BART for years and looted the hell out yall. Here are some tips and stories:
1) Alway aware of what is going on behind you. I cannot stress this enough. So many people in the bay are locked in their own world (ipods, texting, blackberryies). You all never pay attention to what is going on behind you. I love this. I have actually taken peoples wallets while they are on the phone standing on the platform by literally just walking up behind them and doing a blatent bumb and lift. They had no idea that I was behind them. This goes for on the streets also. I can walk ride up on your heels, and you have no clue. Wake up cause that guy that your not aware is behind you, could be a rapist.
2) Dont put your bags under your seat. Suit cases either. I love sitting behind someone heading to the airport, having them slide there duffel bag under their seat, and I reach down, unzip the bag slightly and take what I want. I actually took someones boarding pass once, just because he was being mean to his wife on the train. Karma fucker.
3) Be careful when you sit on the benches and round seats in the stations. I have taken wallets right out of blazer pockets without even looking. Once I took an ounce of herb from a teenagers backpack while he was playing with his sidekick. He left his backpack behind him.
4) Rolling bags for work? I am not even touching that one its too easy. Let just say that if you require bringing half your apartment with you to work and you dont care about getting in people way. I am not going to care about getting into your bag.
5) People in the bay area are pussies. Even those who act tough back down the second they think that they are going to have to fight and get their designer clothes dirty. Anytime someone tries to stop me I act like I am going to punch them with the angery of a convict and they leave. NEVER been caught suckas!
6) Bicyclists – thanks for wearing those messenger bags with the velcro flap. I love that when the velcro get old and dirty there is no noise while its being opened. Where is my ipod? I probably either gave it to a deserving poor kid or a fish is listening to it.
7) Anyone who worships their possessions so much dont deserve to keep them. And if you saw me in a room with other people, you’d never in a millions years be able to pick me out.
Wake up! Cause you been asleep for most of your life!

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Original URL: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/rnr/647355287.html

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