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The New Regime

Erik and mentorsYes, I am still up at almost 1:30 AM after staying up until about 4 AM last night preparing for a presentation for New American Media at Mission Vocational School. It was spur of the moment request and I wanted to help as much as I could to bring multimedia concepts of visualization and interactivity to ethnic media and press. It was a small but engaged group ranging from staff at El Mensajero, El Tecolote, to Alizanza and the members of the Chinese media. I wish Erik and I could have trained them all day because we barely scratched the surface by introducing them to concepts of linear and interactive storytelling and free tools to make their stories engaging. I am really looking forward to the day long training in Sacramento in April, no details yet, but will post soon enough. 

I had hopes that after the training I could hop over to KQED’s training of trainers but there was no chance. So instead we headed over to the Presidio (after a pit stop at the SPCA –only because I’m a sadomasochist knowing full well I can’t own a dog because I rent. Why can’t I just be a foster dog walker parent?) In any case, he headed over to the Presidio for Do Something’s Speed Pitching session.

It’s a great concept and we had an excellent and inspiring time listening to young people pitch their ideas in 2-minute pitch sessions then cow bell, and a two-minute feedback session with the person across from them. Cow bell and NEXT! The next round I definitely think the mentors doing the listening should pitch their own ideas to the young people and see how the adults do. I love swapping up the leader and follower roles because it provides so many learning opportunities. An unexpected surprise is that I met a young person who is doing a documentary on air toxicity in West Oakland and I was able to provide him a great deal of guidance on how to approach his documentary and also turn him on Spot.Us as a possible funding opportunity!

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