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Help with Unity

I wanted to pass this one for people interested in going to Unity:


The National Association of Hispanic Journalists will offer financial assistance in the form of convention registration and/or air transportation to a limited group of NAHJ members to attend the UNITY ’08 Convention in Chicago, July 23-27, 2008. All financial aid requests will be considered on the basis of financial need, with a priority given to journalists laid off during the past 14 months and to members who work in Spanish-language media.

For more information about NAHJ’s Financial Assistance for UNITY ‘08, visit:  http://www.nahj.org/events/2008/convention/UNITY%20convention%20assistance.shtml

All financial assistance requests must be received via email by 4 p.m. EDT on Monday, June 2, 2008. Selections will be made and announced by June 6.

There are only 61 days until the UNITY ’08 Convention! The pre-registration deadline is Friday, June 13, 2008. For more information on the UNITY Convention schedule, programming and NAHJ’s special events at the convention, go to http://www.nahj.org/Events/2008/convention/special_events.shtml

If you are looking to save money on lodging by getting a roommate, look for one in the UNITY 2008 group on Facebook. Go to facebook.com, search for the “UNITY 2008” group, and go to the Discussion Board topic “Who is looking for a roommate?” If you’re not a member of Facebook, just sign up quickly. All you need to do is type in your email address and create a password. Then you’ll have access to all the fun stuff on the UNITY 2008 group, which is growing every day.

With all the topical discussions, essential skills and multimedia training, presidential candidates forums, tremendous job-seeking and networking opportunities, and the induction of high-profile journalists and association founders to the NAHJ Hall of Fame, UNITY ’08 is a convention you can’t miss. Be sure to join some 10,000 journalists and friends in Chicago this summer as we stand together to defend the need for diversity in news media in this 21st century!

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