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“Social Entrepreneurship in Developing Nations: A View from the Field”

“Social Entrepreneurship in Developing Nations: A View from the Field”
David Green, Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum

4:00 p.m., Monday, October 18
B100 Blum Hall UC Berkeley

David Green is a MacArthur Fellow, an Ashoka Fellow and is recognized by Schwab Foundation as a leading social entrepreneur. He helped establish Aurolab (India), to produce affordable intraocular lenses (now has 8% of the global market share) and suture. He has also helped develop high-volume, quality eye care programs that are affordable to the poor and self-sustaining from user fees, including Aravind Eye Hospital in India, which performs 300,000 surgeries per year. Within this paradigm of ‘humanizing capitalism”, he now works as an Ashoka VP to create social investing instruments to support sustainable social enterprises (in eye care and solar energy). He also helped create Conversion Sound, a social enterprise to make affordable hearing devices with a novel fitting; and Quantum Catch, to make optical products affordable.

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